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Thankful for… Yes, AND

I’m thankful for: The air I breathe ANDThe humbling reminder we don’t live forever. The people who care ANDThe people–whether harsh or vulnerable–who remind us we need to be more empathetic. The opportunity to pause, look inward, and work out my issues ANDThe opportunity to recognize and embrace others are either acting out or working … Continue reading

How Do We Get Back to Being ONE?
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How Do We Get Back to Being ONE?

On top of the usual tears and lump in my throat that catch me each year around 9/11, I also feel a different kind of deep sadness, the same I’ve felt for the past several years, the same I’ve felt ever since politically incorrect, brash, aggressive, separatist words and actions have overthrown common decency in … Continue reading

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Guidance — the_tovarysh_connection

Healing words from a dear fellow blogger, The Tovarysh Connection . . . You are not alone You have not been forgotten or forsaken The guidance continues to be here for you And for all who seek it. Dear Ones, in times of great distress and turmoil there continues to be a safe haven from … Continue reading