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Thankful for… Yes, AND

I’m thankful for:

The air I breathe AND
The humbling reminder we don’t live forever.

The people who care AND
The people–whether harsh or vulnerable–who remind us we need to be more empathetic.

The opportunity to pause, look inward, and work out my issues AND
The opportunity to recognize and embrace others are either acting out or working out their issues too.

A possible fresh start AND
The acceptance that I’ll need to muster if the time is not yet here for a fresh start.

Food on the table, a roof over my head AND
The realization this year that I could still find grace within myself even without a ‘safe place’ to call home; with love in my heart (for self, for others, for this planet and the source that created it), I have what I need to deal with any conditions, even if ‘dealing with’ means surrendering to adverse situations and trusting that all that happens is meant to be.

The realization that I’ve sometimes allowed fear to guide my actions AND
The recognition that I have complete control over whether to allow that in the future.

Friends and family who love me unconditionally AND
Friends and family who have challenged me and taught me important lessons I needed to learn.

Love-filled strangers with whom my soul instantly connects AND
Hurt-filled strangers who cause me pain and thereby help elevate me above pain to higher levels of understanding, acceptance and love.

This day, this moment AND
The recognition that all we really have is this day, this moment.


May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.
May you connect in your hearts if you can’t connect in person.
May you rise above the noise and clearly see the gift of this day, of this moment, and just how immensely blessed we are to be here in the first place.

Our souls are on a journey. We only have so much time to learn so very many important lessons that’ll allow us to rise our collective consciousness, that’ll allow us to move ever forward toward a gentler, kinder existence in our short time here on earth and in the universe beyond.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all,

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