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Negative Creativity vs. Positive Creativity: Choose Wisely


Black Hole in space [Photo Credit: By Event Horizon Telescope, uploader cropped and converted TIF to JPG – (image link) The highest-quality image (7416×4320 pixels, TIF, 16-bit, 180 Mb), ESO Article, ESO TIF, CC BY 4.0,

So many of us ache for a life of creativity. We’re convinced lots of people have magic access to it and we’re just the unlucky losers that burped at the wrong time at birth and missed out on the special formula for personal satisfaction and success.

When we think that way, we’re in an incredible place of lack–a place where the object of our desire has since been reduced to a fickle love interest constantly toying with our emotions. We’d sell our souls to Satan’s evil brother for a rare day of pleasure with this love interest, even just a few hours, but there is no actual price to pay to acquire creativity because, ironically, creativity is free.

What may be news to many of you (until recently, it certainly was to me) is that there are those who say that creativity exists rather naturally in the human mind. Our minds do nothing but create… constantly… incessantly. Since we’re of the universe, we exhibit the behavior of the universe, which is to say that we are constantly expanding and/or collapsing at any given moment. We are constantly in motion, mentally and physically, in positive and negative directions–sometimes both directions at once–whether or not we’re aware of that fact. We are expanding and collapsing in our bodies and in our minds… constantly… incessantly. We can’t help it. Like everything else in the universe, it’s what we do.

When it comes to creativity, we may think we tap into it only when we’re “in the zone” but the fact is, being “in the zone” is just being in alignment with the expansive positive creative energy of the mind where the best forward-thinking creations form. And when we’re not there, we’re very often in that other darker place of the mind–in the debilitating negative creative energy where chain-reactive fearful thoughts and knee-jerk destructive reactions rule.

For good measure, I’ll even suggest there’s a third space where we may exist–let’s call it the neutral zone–where we’re in neither the positive nor the negative creativity energy. We‘re technically in motion, but are detached from ourselves, wasting precious time in a place where our minds are either numbed or frozen.

  • Numbed: figuratively or literally, by the activities or substances we over-consume (drugs, sports, TV, internet, work) to avoid our fears. In effect, we’re purposely putting our own car in neutral. Though the engine‘s still running, nothing appears to be happening. In this neutral space, if the car happens to start rolling, it’ll be an uncontrolled ride likely to lead to a negative outcome.
  • Frozen: Like deer stunned by our own headlights, we‘re so overwhelmed by the outcomes of our choices, we’ve gone beyond fear and are simply incapable of making a move in any direction. If we don’t move, if we don’t get out of our own way, the end result can be disastrous, even deadly.
  • Technically, ‘neutral’ leans in the direction of negative if we allow ourselves to exist there for too long. Lots of people spend nearly their whole lives in ‘neutral,’ mostly by numbing themselves, accomplishing nothing of positive value, creating nothing positive and therefore over a lifetime, being part of the negative.

So, why all this talk of motion and direction, of positive, negative and neutral with regard to creativity? What does it all mean?

Well, I think it boils down to this: If our minds are for the most part constantly, incessantly creating in one direction or another, wouldn’t it be better to harness limitless positive expansion instead of the dark matter that ultimately leads us into black holes? The more we lean into the expansive positive, the less we succumb to the expansive negative. ALL IT TAKES to be convinced to lean into the infinite, expansive positive is COMPLETE awareness and acceptance that the infinite negative exists and is the undesired side effect of ignoring its existence.

Not choosing positive creative energy is by default the same as choosing negative creative energy.

Did you get that?!?!?

“NOT choosing POSITIVE” = “choosing NEGATIVE”

Until recently, I didn’t ever think of it this way. I didn’t have true awareness of the possibility that if I wasn’t part of positive creation, I very likely was part of negative creation. Ouch! That hurts.

And I know it’s true.

When I’m in my positive creativity, my husband digs being around me, my dog digs being around me. Hell, even I dig being around me.

When I’m in my negative creativity, obsessing, worrying, fearing about a future that is as unpredictable as a fickle love interest, neither the dog nor the husband wants to be around me. I stink up the place. I create absolutely nothing of value. The only thing I create is negativity in everyone around me. They mirror back what I’m dishing out. The negative feeds the negative, which feeds the negative, and so on, and so on. We all get pulled down. Like all negative energy in the universe, we all get sucked into a black hole.

Now that I’m aware, I realize that positive creativity is a constant, conscious choice we would be wise to nurture in ourselves. Defaulting to the equally powerful, but highly destructive, negative creativity is much too high a price to pay.

As for me, now that I know, I choose to move through the world more peacefully and purposely, more fully aligned with the universe in its positive creativity. I hope you’ll join me in that effort.


Peace and love always,

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9 thoughts on “Negative Creativity vs. Positive Creativity: Choose Wisely

  1. Yeah Sue, go for that positivity! And its not always easy when we are surrounded by so much fear. But it is possible and I salute you for this post. I think we also forget that the outcome is not as important as the actions we take. For it is our actions that move our soul forward. Many blessings to you and yours. Hope all is well.

    • Thank you, Celine! Yes, I agree. The reward in creating from positive energy is in the creating itself. It’s the journey, not the destination. 🙂 — I’ve been experimenting with my jewelry making lately, heading in different random directions. It’s fun as long as I distance myself from always having to have an end product I can wear myself or sell. It simply doesn’t always go that way… and that’s okay!
      All is well here so far. I will admit it’s been hard to keep focused on positive things when COVID-19 is very much in our area (half the AZ deaths are in our county), including several in our little community. Overall deaths are doubling with each passing month in AZ… 1,000 last month and on track for 2,000 more this month. It’s probably part of the reason why I felt compelled to write on this topic. (Isn’t that often the case? Something in life triggers a topic…)
      Hope you and yours are staying safe! Blessings to you! Love to you as well. 🙂

      • So good to hear from you. Glad to know that you are well. We still have a long way to go before this is over. But we each have a part to play in this. And that might be as simple as being a positive/ level-headed influence on others. The changes in the energetic vibrations that are occurring can be exhausting for those who are sensitive. Rest and drink lots of water. And please be safe. Sending much love.

  2. Brilliant post. These days it’s too easy to accept the lack of creativity as a symptom of the world in crisis. This is a good reminder of our agency in the matter. Also, I adore your writing! xo

    • Thanks, SuzieQ! Quite the challenge to tap into positive creativity these days, but it can be done!! A skill to be honed, I think!

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  4. Creativity !! Very interesting read as always . I know just a little about creativity and have several perspectives . Its a double edged sword
    When I create I go through creative periods , I harness many emotions and passions to hopefully attain desired result outcome . I find working through these emotions will both impact me eventually in positive outcome while sometimes the journey many times can be challenging and dark to reach deep ,I use all facets emotionally to hopefully convey my message in which listener will also be moved by my art . The other perspective is many times many times while getting prepped for a project , it’s methodical and goes through multi- layers and balances of phases creating as many ideas to get myself fully immersed and armed with ideas where I find myself implementing less emotion in this phase . However , when I feel I have accumulated enough ideas , then when it’s time to write or actually perform , it becomes all emotion and passion . For instance on the current music project , in one phase I educated myself on increasing my vocabulary musically and lyrically and when it came down to recording , I had about 80 pages of song ideas and or lyrics . When it came to performing it boils down to true passion , the arranging and layering of tones, arrangements and producing , it becomes more logical mind than creative part and hopefully when the passion meets educated logical, methodical mind I write something meaningful and moving both for myself and listener . It’s a yin and yang of balance of utilizing both minds. …. but emotion and passion seems to always win 😉

    • Hi, Mike! Seems like the timing was right for my post to catch you in an obviously creative moment! I know you were in the studio all day, so I’m not surprised your mind and soul are firing on all 8 cylinders right now! I’m also gonna bet that you won’t sleep well, if at all, tonight and the next because you are so very clearly in a super-charged positive creative zone right now. Wonderful!

      I like the mention that you first submerge yourself in a sea of idea formation, increased education (lyrically, musically) in order to be free to thereafter submerge yourself in the all-important emotion and passion that’s so critical for a piece of art of any sort to move it’s audience.

      It definitely is a delicate balance for artists to reach into past pain or sadness in order to express it with their art without reaching so deep that they can’t come out from it. That, I would say, is the negative creativity issue, where we can’t pull out of the dark in order to express the darkness in more helpful ways… where our minds are stuck in quicksand. Generally speaking, I don’t ever think it’s a negative to reach into darker spaces for art’s sake because so much of the best art, music, writing comes specifically from dark spaces. It’s on the artist to learn how to harness the dark for a greater purpose… to create something that gets someone to think, to feel, maybe even heal, while hopefully healing the artist him- or herself. 🙂

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