Authenticity / Love / Satisfaction

She Knows and That’s All She Needs to Know


The air is thick with an aroma of sticky sweet orange blossoms. Bees dizzy themselves around thousands of her white satin petals whose succulent centers glisten in the morning sun.

She welcomes her pollinating lovers, inviting them to drink till their hearts are content. She stands proud–sure of her value and purpose. She is ravishing in her emerald green garb. Glints of skin peek through, ready–and oh, so willing–to soak in the sun’s eager kisses.

Though delicate in shape and stature, she is strong enough to carry the fruit that will soon weigh upon her limbs. Though secure and grounded, she is always growing, always reaching beyond herself. Though eager to offer herself for the desires and needs of others, she takes little, needs little, and is happiest giving fully, freely, without question or concern.

THIS, she knows, comes naturally.

LOVE, she knows, comes naturally.

THIS, she knows, IS LOVE.

— Sue J.

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