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When Was the Last Time You Were This Happy?


Skydive 3 Skydive 16

It’s a simple question. Either you’ve been this happy or you haven’t. (But I HOPE you have.)

I stole these pictures by freeze-framing a video of me skydiving in 2002.

Skydive 23 Skydive 15

You see that grin from ear to ear? That’s me feeling grateful I landed in one piece . . . thrilled to be alive.

Skydive 24

You see that glow? That’s me having just had the best airgasm a gal could ever have. My whole body tingled, inside and out. I felt . . . alive!

Skydive 20

You see me hiding my face in my hands? That’s me feeling unspeakably happy over my sheet dumb luck of having tapped into absolute bliss.

Can you imagine a lifetime strung together with nothing other than moments like this? It’s almost beyond the imagination, isn’t it?

This is what I wish for me, for you, for everyone we know and love . . . as many pure, perfect moments as we can possibly stand.

And in between those pure, perfect moments, I wish for me and for you just enough imperfect moments so that we recognize the perfect when we’re in them.

Skydive 27

What was your perfect moment? Please share it in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about it and bask in YOUR glow. I’m sure everyone else would love to, as well.

Try to keep in clean, though, huh!  😉 

If you sincerely can’t think of one, why not commit to making one happen in the not-too-distant future. You’re only here once on this earth. You should have at least ONE moment of pure joy in that entire existence.

To truly live, that is the thing.

Peace and love,

Sue J signature

2 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Were This Happy?

  1. So many happy moments (and I hope I have properly recognized and appreciated each of them) but one of my favorite pure moments I can recall at will from approximately 35 years ago: I was maybe 19 or 20 and walking home from my job to my first apartment. There was a church/school on the way and I impulsively stopped to swing on the ancient swingset in the yard. No one was around and I swung as high as I could go and felt the bliss I did as a child when I reached those heights. I knew at the time it was a pure moment. I will still stop and grab a swing when I pass a playground for that little rush.

    • Fabulous, Suz! Some people will say these euphoric sensations are just adults tapping into being a child again, but I think it’s more about tapping into the JOY that often came so easily as a child. Swingsets are a wonderful way to do that . . . and so accessible! May you ALWAYS find room to swing. 🙂

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