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Morning Coffee AFFIRMATIONS: Everything Changes

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Unless you’re stagnant and still—a mere concrete block in a sea of humans—change is inevitable. Everything changes. Nothing stays the same.

Situations change, for better or worse.

People change, for better or worse. Even people who insist they won’t change do, in fact, change. Even those we think will never change will, in fact, change. For better or for worse.

Every living thing is in motion, even when it’s trying not to be.

If you’re in a happy place in your life, it will change. Like a leaf floating along a trickling brook or a swift river, you will move along to the next thing. Your situation will change or your thoughts about it will change, and because of this certainty, you will change.

Your current happiness may next morph into even greater happiness . . . or it may morph into neutrality . . . and yes, it may even morph into sadness, frustration, anger, or a plethora of other unwanted, uncomfortable emotional states.

Likewise, if you’re in a sad or difficult place, it too will change. With your life ever morphing into the “next” thing, whatever it may be, you can and should expect change of some sort.

Yes, if you’re already facing difficulties, your situation or emotional state could get worse. There’s always that possibility. BUT things could also become more neutral, providing welcome relief. At best, you could be on the cusp of better times to come. Happiness is just as likely at the next bend as any other possibility.

So, if you’re “in it” right now, my friend, swimming neck high in mud, hang in there. BELIEVE that change is coming. Even if you’ve gotten to where your only goal today is to curl up in a ball in a dark room and simply make it through this day, change will still happen even as you withdraw and lick your wounds.

Even as you barely make it through today, when you step out of the darkness tomorrow, the whole world will have remained in motion . . . your circumstances may have already changed without you even knowing it, without you doing anything at all.

To all of you, my friends, wherever you are in your lives . . .

Believe in the POWER of change.

EMBRACE the opportunities AND CHALLENGES that come with change.

For change may be your best ally in an often challenging world.

And PLE-E-E-EASE, when in doubt, always remember:
Even within this sometimes crazy, disheartening physical world we live in,
without question,
you are a perfect spiritual being.
Without question,



TODAY’S AFFIRMATION . . . Say it with me! . . .

“I BELIEVE in the POWER of change. I’m not afraid of change. Even if change brings something I’m hesitant to face, I will embrace it, for it is likely to help—even FORCE—me to grow in a way that’s necessary for my emotional development. Change may be exactly what I need. If change brings challenge, I’ll embrace that challenge and will look forward to the improvements it’ll ultimately bring to my goal of personal peace and emotional well-being.”


“If there’s anything I can count on in life, CHANGE is perhaps the most useful and powerful.”

15 thoughts on “Morning Coffee AFFIRMATIONS: Everything Changes

    • Thank you kindly, Ken! It’s been quite a while since I posted on Swimming in the Mud. I’ve been wanting to for a while now. So many things I’ve written have been without a home. Feels good to open the doors here and let the air flow through. 🙂

  1. Good to see you writing Dudette!! and a timely one as well. I can relate to your message as many changes have been occurring on many levels and the realization and acceptance of change while inevitable has been more challenging than anticipated

    • Hey, Dude!

      Timely? Great! I always feel it’s worth capturing what I’m thinking. Even if only one person benefits from it, it’ll have been worth the effort.

      “Everything changes; Nothing stays the same.” has been a mantra for me for many decades now. It helps me deal with the ups and downs of life, better than if I didn’t remind myself of that fact.

      Acceptance of change is key. It helps in regulating imagined expectations . . . that we’re always going to be this high or this low, or that things will remain this simple or this complicated . . . all of which in turn keeps us from being thrown for an absolute loop when something we hadn’t planned on happens.

      Hang in there, Dude! These challenges will likely bring you through to the other side a changed man, for the better, I’m certain. As long as you’re always moving forward, emotionally growing and expanding with each challenge, you’re on the right path. Go forth, Dude! It’s all going to work out as is necessary for you right at this particular time in your life.

      • Hi Dudette,

        Sounds almost like the speech I told you last year to always keep moving forward…never stop : )……….”Just Do it” . I did also tell you I would be checking in
        with you a year a later to make sure your getting on the path of kicking ass and moving forward and hitting your goals. So I am ecstatic , that you have wrote this timely blog.

        As you know, moving forward, self growth and learning has never been an issue and I have always relished these challenges. However, In this instance , the change which I decided the final outcome was extremely challenging as I has to make a both a personal and business decision regarding someone extremely close to me that I knew I had to part ways due to changes in their life which in the long term, I do think would have impacted my overall path in a negative manner if the patterns would have continued on the same path. It’s just surprised me how much the parting of the ways or the changes affected me in such an emotional manner. Just wrapping around head around on why this particular decision has affected me so deeply.

        Anyways, all is well and doing extremely well. BTW I will be in AZ from Wed until Saturday this week

        With much love
        the Dude

  2. Not sure why change is always so scary for most of us (myself included) but it is one of the certainties of life, isn’t it? Nice post, Sue and nice to see you in your space again. Hope all is well with you and wonderful in your ever-changing world. ;).

    • Scary for some, welcome for others, depending on the person and situation, Brigitte. If we welcome change that brings something good, but staunchly resist change that brings something challenging, digging our heels in so hard, fighting it with every part of our being, I think we end up out of balance. We become even more troubled by the change, not so much because of the change itself but because of the negative thoughts we pile on top of it. And that, my friend, is how we end up SWIMMING IN THE MUD!

      All is well, Brigitte! Fantastic to hear from you again. Hope all is going well in your little part of the world, too. 🙂

  3. BTW, My comment, “The reviews are unanimous”, was supposed to include a photo showing about a dozen ‘thumbs-up’. Guess this site doesn’t post photos. Just wanted you to know.

    • No, I don’t think it does. You aren’t in Facebook, Dorothy! lol. But you know what? I knew you tried to post a pic, so let my imagination picture something just like that. Thanks for the vote of confidence and approval!

  4. Change is the most overpowering and difficult thing there is. I am crawling through it right now. Some I love, some scares the Hades out of me. All of it overwhelms me. I am going to continue to crawl through it though.

    • All you can do is your best, Val, whatever that is on this particular day. Change CAN be overwhelming, COMPLETELY overwhelming. No doubt about it.

      If CRAWLING is the best you can summon from within, then so be it! Just don’t follow that tempting thought process that leads to you crucifying yourself for what you can and cannot deal with at this time. You are ALWAYS doing the best you can. Crawl if you must and know FOR A FACT that a day will come when the tides will turn for the better or they will at least SEEM better and no longer will you be crawling. You MUST believe that much. You MUST. Then get on with the business of dealing with this day, this evening, or simply this moment, if need be.


      • I know Ivy League-educated psychiatrists who couldn’t have said it better. I think you missed your calling.

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