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Here’s to Two!

"... to Two" and "tutu"... get it? Ughhh.  ;)

“… to Two” and “tutu”… get it? Ughhh. 😉

Today is exactly two years since I started the blog Swimming in the Mud. My thanks to WordPress for providing a nice platform on which to do so and for sending me a Happy Anniversary love note. I actually appreciate the reminders every so often of the milestones of my blogging life.

More importantly, I want to thank my humble list of followers, especially those who comment regularly (you know who you are!). I never knew how rewarding these online conversations could be. It sounds so sappy to think of connections through the web as friendships, but they are. It’s no different than the days before the Internet, the days before airplanes and trains, when we might write to a cousin across the country or across the world whom we might never meet. All we would have is a handful of ink-soaked paper pulp to prove the friendship we had was real.

Whether you’ve considered it a friendship or not, please know that I’ve treasured the conversations I’ve had with each and every one of you. Thank you for your warmth, intelligence, kindness. If we ever met in real life, I would give you a big, warm hug, a grateful smile, and all of my attention as I soaked in even more of what makes you you.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s to Two!

  1. Sue, thank YOU for your wonderful words. You always made me think and/or smile and that’s a very good thing. Happy Two-Year, chickie!! Your bloggerly bud, Brigitte. xo

  2. Okay, so first I like the tutu / two a great deal. Two years, it seems like only yesterday. How wonderful is it that you have been just like, hanging about talking. Should I say I am glad I met you? I am.

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