Being present / Inspiration from Others

The Time is Now

So perfectly said, I simply had to share these great words of encouragement from The Tovarysh Connection. I needed it and perhaps many of you do, too. With love, Susan


Begin now, not tomorrow.
Be present in the now.
Ground yourself, connect yourself to the present.
Change the now to change the future, to change the past.
Change the now to be who you really are.
One with all of thee.

Can you trust yourself enough to take that initial step, now? Can you reach deeply into your core of being and find that courage to take a chance? Can you see the gift of this life for you and for the All?

It is time for you to accept your gifts and move forward with them. Gifts are not given to be stored away in some dark recesses of your life. Gifts are given to be shared with others, to help change the way of being for you and for all around you. Each and every one of you has a gift to share, each and every one of…

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