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Life With Blinders On Is No Life at All

Life with blinders on is no life at all.

Life with blinders on is no life at all.

Maybe if the horses across the way hadn’t had their blinders on, they’d have seen the danger coming and saved themselves. The thinking amongst the ranchers was that the brave ones didn’t need blinders. And its true. When the fires come, the confident ones always find their way. The blinders are strictly meant to protect the skittish ones from things that scare them, but in the end it left them wholly unprepared. When lightning struck, the fires ignited, and the horses with blinders on succumbed one by one.

Or at least this is what I imagined could happen as I studied my neighbor’s horses this morning with the fire-spreading Santa Ana winds swirling violently around them. What swept through my mind was, Why do we shield our loved ones or even ourselves from the realities of life? What good does it do if we run the risk of being unprepared when something unexpected threatens us?

Might it make more sense to ditch the blinders and do the work that needs doing? If it’s tough out there, hadn’t we better get tough? If it’s scary out there, hadn’t we better face what scares us so we can overcome it? If we keep the blinders on and deny or hide from what we should be dealing with, won’t we just succumb to the flames when we least expect it?

It’s the blinders that should be burned, like denial and escapism via methods and activities such as: substance abuse; over-absorption in video games, online buying, or gambling; overachieving or blatant underachieving; avoiding professional help. Whatever the method, life with blinders on will only kill us in the end.

16 thoughts on “Life With Blinders On Is No Life at All

  1. This is a great post. One of the things that has bothered me for about forever, is that I feel that many of the methods portrayed as being stress-busters are also glorified ‘blinders’, as you put it. Things like meditation, yoga, going for a walk or run, reading, watching the sunrise, going out for dinner, having a holiday. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Live for the moment. Live for today. These are all great and fantastic in a balanced life but they cam also distract us form reality and none of them pay the bills or get done what needs to be done if something needs to be done. Eventually one has to face what needs doing in order to do it.

    • Well, that’s kind of key, isn’t it? It’s okay for a life in balance but when our “fillers” are heavily leaned on to get through the day, something deeper may need our attention. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  2. My blinders? Facing my demons, it is hard sometimes. There are days I would rather read blogs, then I read something like this and I just want to shake my head. Shake it in wonder and gratitude because even when I am doing a bit of early morning escapism, I get bit.

    Thanks for this one.

    • You got bit? Hope it didn’t hurt too much! 😉
      Glad you got something out of it, Val. I often do with your posts as well. Every day is an opportunity for improvement. Blog posts can often bring that to light, so not a terrible waste of time. 🙂

  3. I think we all have to face our fears eventually and the sooner, the better, because honestly, they often are not as insurmountable as we thought. And so we have wasted all of that time and energy being sure the ‘blinders’ are in place. I also agree that kids are stronger than we give them credit for being and with love and support, they can and will get through the rough patches and be better prepared as you state. Great post!

    • Facing our demons or fears doesn’t guarantee we’ll overcome them, but NOT facing them GUARANTEES we won’t. Thanks for your comments and for your continued encouragement. 🙂

  4. Great Post! I am dealing with trying to get a straight answer from my parents on their medical histories – it is on such a need to know basis if not a top secret. Heart disease is nothing to sneeze at and I want to be prepared and proactive with my own health. I am already fearful of the unknown and then if I have blinders on I have no chance in heck to want to take that first step or even a leap.

    • It is definitely debilitating to not face our prospective health issues. I hope you meet with some success in pulling that information from your parents! We cannot stop certain things from happening in our lives, but we certainly can improve our odds of survival by being prepared. Thanks so much for your great feedback!

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